Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

Hands down, one of the most fun assignments I have ever done for a class in my college career. Week 1’s activity, incidentally, the first assignment of the year was to go to that beach and make a plaster cast of your hand or foots. When first reading the assignment it didn’t seem very hard to do at first. I visualized the process of digging a hole, sticking your hand in and covering it to make a mold, pouring plaster, and letting it sit. This process seemed so much easier in my head; however, this art experiment was one of the most funnest and rewarding!

Regretfully, this assignment was a two day affair. Friday afternoon of this week I went to the Junipero beach with my girlfriend sometime around 3 pm. We immediately got to work because it was cold. I followed the process in my mind step by step. Dug the hole and made the mold; however, when I was mixing the plaster I made the mistake of adding to much water and it became to dilute. We called it a day and disposed of out materials in the trash bin nearby and drove home less than happy. To my defense, what kind of instructions on the box is “2 parts plaster 1 part water” would have been easier is it was something like “1 4.4 lb box of plaster and 453 ml of water”. The next day we ended up at seal beach. We came, we saw, we admired, and we worked. Same process as the day before except I googled the correct amount of water to add to the plaster which was 2.2 lb of water converted to 453 ml of water. When the plaster was poured and all was left to do was to wait we played in the water and made sandcastles for 30 minutes.

Overall, this assignment was a really fun one. Reflecting on the process all the effort done was definitely worth it as I feel like I was part of creating a really wonderful piece of art. These types of activities really make me look forward to the rest of the semester!

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