Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

Quite a morbid topic for this week’s art activity. Which quite ironic to be deemed unpleasant when college students often describe themselves as “dead” when asked how we feel but I digress.

For this week’s art activity, we were assigned to take inspiration from Izima Kao’s long time art project Landscapes with a corpse . We were encouraged to employ ideas such as framing, context, and relationships. When I was brainstorming for this project a flurry of ideas came to mind,  some involving a sarcastic image, other involving a more serious ambiance. Eventually I decide to do a more serious topic that I’ve personally been through and what I believe is relatable to everyone.

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The image above was produced in my front yard which was a bed of rocks, this also served a metaphorical relationship to the explanation and thought process behind the image. “Hitting rock bottom” was the what I named the image.

Last summer I finally got to take a course I’ve been bragging about and have been so excited to take. Back then I was on the pre-med track, I had semi-good grades, motivated, and felt I could take on the world with one hand and 3 fingers behind my back. The class I took was an Emergency medical technician class (EMT) and it was my first time taking a class of that nature. Throughout the course of the class  felt like it was a breeze, although I was lacking a bit in skills performance, which was real scenarios acted out, I felt like there wasn’t a chance in the world that I would not pass. Finally, in the final week of the class we had two finals a multiple choice final and a practical skills final. In the multiple choice final I scored a near 90 percent, which made me really happy; however, the next session in the practical skills final it was a little different. A simple explanation was that your were not allowed to make a single mistake, that’s it. Guess what I did, a mistake. During the drugs application scenario I failed to ask the simple yet important question “can I help you” , the instructor administering the test said that my execution was perfect aside from the simple mistake. Because of that small mistake I failed. I felt like I hit rock bottom because of that hundreds of dollars down the drain, three months of my life down the drain, and what made it worse was disappointing my family. I didn’t eat for a couple of days after that, didn’t speak to anyone for awhile, I just locked myself in my room. But you know what the best thing about hitting rock bottom is? The only way out is up. So that’s what I did I got back up, took me a semester to still realize that it’s still what I wanted to do, but hey. As of now I’m enrolled at another EMT program and I anticipate to be finished in a couple of months.

In the images the rock bed symbolized hitting rock bottom and the EMT supplies in the trash bag symbolized how I wanted to quit after failing.

Hopefully this topic hits a cord with some of you that have hit rock bottom as we all know how it feels.

Overall this was a fun project, especially setting up a ladder that kept shaking my friend as she was taking the picture and how comfortable the rock bed was.


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