Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Derek Chow

The person I talked to for this week’s classmate conversation was Derek Chow. Immediately  recognized that Derek was in one of my easier classes, Chemistry. The conversation started with how we both did on the first exam and how it our scores were lower than what we wanted. Inevitably, we began talking about what every college student brings up when talking to another student, “What are you majoring in?” Derek is majoring in Kinesiology, which is really admirable and makes me a bit jealous because that the major I originally wanted to be in. I talked about how when I applied to college, my major was Biology, where I was expecting the human body types of things. Well I sure was wrong but it too late to change as I am far off into my college career already, either that or I’m too lazy. I also asked Derek on the monumental class that all kinesiology major take and complain about, which was anatomy. He said he took it last semester and got an A because it was one of the only classes he took. After, we talked about what we wanted to be when in the future. Derek said that since he was in Kinesiology his overall goal was to be a physical therapist. I replied with “that’s cool, my cousins one, he hated it” and we both chuckled. Towards the end of the conversation/class we forgot to check the website for the question of the week, surprisingly we already covered on, then we say the next one was what the color red remained us of. Derek responded with “Blood, cause  don’t like that stuff”

Overall Derek is a cool guy and I look forward to suffering together in chemistry together.  If you see Derek around I encourage you to befriend him.

Check out his blog here.


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