Wk 3-Artist Conversation-Mimi Haddon

Artist: Mimi Haddon
Exhibition: Touch Color 2
Media: T-Shirt fiber art
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: http://www.mimihaddon.com/
Instagram: mimihaddon

About the artist

Mimi Haddon is a California State University, Long Beach Alumni. She has a Graphic Design degree from CSULB received in 1994. In her undergraduate years here at CSULB she was interested in photography, and probably still is, she is also interested with costume making which have similar properties to her current project. She is now a Graduate Student here at CSULB working on her Masters of Fine Arts in Fiber Art. Her main source of inspiration for her current “Touch 2 color” project was a Ghanaian sculptor named El Anatsul who employed the use of old and discarded bottle caps to formulate art, similar to how she employs used T-shirts.

Formal Analysis

Mimi Haddon’s art is a mixture of soft texture and warm colors. Most of her art structures are flaccid, if they are not being hung up by a more stable structure; However, that completely aligns with the objective of her project. The T-shirts she worked with due to the color and very nature of a T-shirt lets off a very warm and pleasing aura to the eye which attracts one to the art. Although the use of warm colors does truly define a soft aura that supports each other. The sharp red also blends with the other colors very well, which is what catches the eye the most.

Content Analysis

Haddon’s take on T-shirts is a unique one. Normally what people do with a old or used T-shirt other than donating them to a goodwill type of store is turn them into rags. In my mind the lives of these T-shirts could have been completely different from what they are now. They could have been stained and dirty rags used to clean the bathroom floors, for all we know. Haddon talks about how she wanted to breathe new life into the disposable or “fast fashion” culture that has consumed our culture. By doing so she created art that employed the use of used T-shirts to create a unique form of art which was inspired from her interest in the physiological effects of color after studying Josef Alber’s Interaction of Color.


Synthesis / My Experience

Of the pieces of art in Mimi’s gallery my absolute favorite was the one on the floor [Pictured above] because it took me awhile to find out what it was. Initially I believed it was a steak on the floor; however, after speaking to Mimi I found out it was actually a map of the United States from the right point of view. Now, the second time looking at it, it did look like the United States right down to the topography, at least that’s what I’d imagine the topography to be like.  Context wise, I really admired the underlying purpose behind Mimi’s art because, in a way, it is giving old pieces of clothing a second chance, which is what we all need sometimes.

Here are some other pictures I took from the galleries extended

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