Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Bernadette Villena

Hey all! This week for our classmates conversation I got to know Bernadette Villena. Me being a self-proclaimed anti-socialite didn’t know who to talk to since it looked like everyone already had a partner in my group of friends. Thank god another friend of mine introduced us, otherwise I might not have done this weeks assignment. Kidding.

First things first, as being a college student the number one thing you have to ask another college student when meeting for the first time is year and major. I turns out that Bernadette is a nursing major and is in her second year in the program. We talked about the classes we were taking this semester and she mentioned she was taking anatomy this semester. Knowing other peoples experiences with the class I asked her how her semester was so far and she said that its surprising that its already the third week.

While our conversation was cut short because we were walking through the art gallery and because the artist began to talk and we wanted to take notes and ask questions for our other assignment.

After we finished listening to the artist we walked back into the gallery to take our picture Mimi Haddon’s name.  Towards the end of our conversation I found out that Bernadette played tennis and was part of  Mayfair High School’s tennis team where she played a mix of doubles and singles, she must of been that great! But she was also the manager for the boys team too! After that it was time to return to the classroom.

I’m glad I got to meet Bernadette and make a new friend, hopefully we run into each other on the courts sometime.


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