WK4- ARTIST CONVERSATION- Ingrid Michelle Gonzalez

Artists:  Ingrid Michelle Gonzalez
Exhibition: Lamps
Media: Wood
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

About the Artists

Ingrid Michelle Gonzalez pursuing a Bachelors in Fine Arts with an emphasis in wood media is a student at California State University, Long Beach. She is in her second year in the wood program. Her art mirrors her interests as she is infatuated with creating music, specifically electronic music, and long distance wiring.

Formal Analysis

Ingrid draws here inspiration in her exhibition for herself. As previously stated she enjoys creating her own music, specifically electronic music which was playing in the exhibition hall although I don’t know if it’s her personal work. She was inspired by wood work and lamps for this project; however, initially she wanted to make light pulses because Ingrid wanted to incorporate wiring into the hall. There were also supposed to be more lamps in the back but she was limited to space and the complications of wiring. When you walk into the hall the first thing that sets it from the rest of the exhibitions is that it had its own music to you, a sort of electronic vibe. The art in the room was very colorful and abstract including a arsenal of balloons, wood, and lamps.

Content Analysis

Ingrid’s art exhibition perfectly modeled her personality and interests, from what I found out by speaking to her briefly. She is interested in electronic music, so her favorite type of music is playing and matches the atmosphere of the exhibition hall. She is interested in wiring so she incorporated electronics and wiring into her lit lamps. The wood and lighting also give off an aura similar to a hotel, which is kinda what she was going for because the explanation posted mentions living spaces.

Synthesis /My Experience

The reason I chose Ingrid and her Art for my artist conversation is because, to put it simply,  her art was simple and interesting. This was the last gallery to walk into after looking at every other gallery and this one stood out. Compared to the other galleries her’s was more simple and took much more to understand it. When you walk into the gallery the mood is set by the dim lights and music. Most of the light in the gallery is illuminating from the art itself making it center stage in a sense. It was also more colorful than the rest, since it use mainly primary colors (which contributed to its simplicity). Overall, I’m a simple person so I was intrigued by Ingrid’s exhibition because of it’s superficial simplicity, I even used this gallery as basis for that days ID card and took inspiration from it.

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