Wk5 – Art Experience -Automatic Drawing

I know what your thinking after seeing the cover image for this blog, “Oh god what is this marvel? Where can I purchase a rendition?”

Well if you just go on to my eBay linked here, then you can buy one for $42 not including tax or shipping.

Jokes aside, this weeks assignment for Art 110 Glenn had us create an “automatic drawing”, an automatic drawing is basically drawing blindly without any rules or ideas, just put the drawing utensil on the paper and draw, except, this automatic drawing wasn’t a solo job you need to do this with someone else.

I decided to do this project with my girlfriend Saturday morning. After doing a couple of Saturday morning errands we went to my house to do the project. On my living room floor I set out the drawing pad and oil pastels. I showed her the instruction page and that it we began to draw.

At first the oil pastel didn’t move since we both had the notion that the other would begin. I told her to start moving and I would do the same. It was kind of a weird feeling not knowing what you were drawing and only picturing it via the movements of your hands. We kept on drawing alternating between 4 preselected colors. At the end of the experience we both opened our eyes and were surprised, to say the least. We both mentioned that in our minds it looked a lot different from what we imagined.

As for the results, all I can say is that it looks either like a fireball or an tumbleweed set on fire that’s been run over a couple of times. My girlfriend on the other hand says it looks like that since I was grumpy that morning because I didn’t eat and it transitioned into the drawing. I guess the world may never know.

Overall, this was a fun art activity to do because it was relatively easy and didn’t require much thinking. I had fun because there were no specifics to do; however, I was quite surprised by the look of our drawing.

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