Wk9 – Art Experience- Graffiti Writing

Before I delve into my art experience on graffiti. I want to share an interesting graffiti spot in San Pedro I came across last week. In the city of San Pedro a short 20 minute drive from Long Beach there is a portion of the peninsula that has “sunk” into the ocean. The spot is incidentally called Sunken City. Sunken City is literally a portion of the city roads in the ocean and makes for a nice little hike. Since the concrete and roads have move. A lot of the flat surfaces in the area are perfect for graffiti. Over the years the place has been blooming with so many cool types of graffiti ranging from names to highly detailed art! Now the catch is you gotta do a bit of wall hopping to get there. First, you have to hope a wall near the ocean, then you have to crawl under a fence, and do a little hike to get to the main area. But overall, it was worth it because I got a nice view, and since I went with friend, one being an amazing photographer we got some awesome pictures!

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As for the actual art project, I decided to graffiti a large space piece of wood I found in my back yard. Using black and white spray paint I also found in my garage, I used the white paint to clean the background of my board. Since I have such a short and simple name I felt like I didn’t need to draw it out first, and it actually turned out well (besides one of the letters looking like a phallus). Since we were doing a bubble art type of thing, on the first ‘L’ of my name I tried to make a little crest to make it look bulging and it kinda worked. Overall, I found this activity really fun because it gave the an excuse to use the spray paint and I got a nice wooden banner of my name to hang somewhere, someday.

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Artist: David DeSantis

Exhibition: Day Dreamer

Media: paper, ink, screen printing , flexiglass

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: rapturefineart

About the Artist

David DeSantis is currently a fourth year in California State University, Long Beach pursing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking. What sets apart David from the other artists at the gallery was that his art draws inspiration from music and its abstracts. David has a passion for decorating motorcycles and it was even his original plan when going into college. Since then he has expanded to customizing other things such as boards.

Formal Analysis

A lot of David’s art seem to have drawn inspiration from music. Some draw it from the rhythm or beat showcasing a variation of lines. Others draw from the title emphasizing on its topic. All of David’s art are drawn 2D on paper utilizing ink.

Content Analysis

I took interest in David’s abstract art the most.As previously stated David’s art draws inspiration from many different things resulting in it being abstract. Using ink on paper, there are seemingly jagged lines that appear to be random; however, under closer inspecting those jagged lines start to smooth out and the nature of the line begins to follow a path.

Synthesis/ My Experience


On of my favorite pieces was the simple black and white lined one because it was very reminiscent of a show that just ended that I have been watching since I was a kid, Naruto. The spiral of white lines resembles the tails of a fox. My initial experience was that I liked this exhibit because it was one of the first simple yet intriguing exhibitions we have seen in a while.

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This weeks classmate conversation was Aaron Vito. As it turns out me an Aaron are now part of the same family in a club on campus Circle K. This came to me as a surprise and I found out this last week when I was reading my friends blog and he did his classmate conversation and Aaron. I thought his name was familiar and after a Facebook search I confirmed it.

Aaron is a second year Biomedical engineering major. In his free time he likes to run, he also enjoys dancing mostly urban and bboy. He also likes to watch anime and likes to sleep. Recently, a lot of his time has been put to PCN, which is the Pilipino Culture Night that is happening next month, he will be preforming in two suites the tinik and regional. I also mention that I’m in PCN too but just as hospitality. Another thing, Recently this week monday, Aaron was appointed in Circle K as Social Chair, CONGRATS AGAIN!

Overall, Aaron is a really cool dude that I look forward to hanging out with in our fam. You can find his blog here.

Wk8- Art Experience- Finger Painting

This week for our art activity we were tasked at finger painting. We were supposed to do an abstract painting, which was partially what I did.


This week in one of the shows I have been watching one of my favorite characters died protecting his family. Now I’ve been watching this show since it started airing over 2 years ago and I’ve always tuned in to watch the weeks episode. So I had to include one of the main symbols from the show, cause I’m like kinda depressed about it.

Image result for tekkadan

Posted below is one of the symbols from the show “Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans” and the symbols represents an blood-red Iron flower that will never wilt.

As for my actual painting itself, It was quite a struggle painting with your fingers because the retention rate of pain on fingers is really low so you either have to get paint on your finger in large amounts or keep dipping your finger in the paint.

I centered my painting around the iron flower and surrounded it with random colors that meshed well together. The rest of the painting was abstract, I really had no idea what I was doing so I went around in circles with random colors and it just happen.

Overall, painting with your fingers is a lot harder than painting with tools. Although I did enjoy this activity it was a bit on the messy side.

Wk 7 – ARTIST CONVERSATION – Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek

Artist: Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek

Exhibition: Doodles in Space

Media: Mixed Media, Installation

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @juliaanaaaab @tidawhitney


About the Artist

There were two artists to this art installation, Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhiteney Lek both attend California State University Long Beach. Both are pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. Interestingly enough, there are many similarities between the two artist, they both started doodling and drawing at a very young age, they were both raised locally, and both are seniors.

Formal Analysis

The purpose of the art was probably to an immersion factor that forces the viewer to explore every aspect of the room. Since this project was on such a large of a scale, the entire room being used from to bottom, there were many materials used such as paper, wires, plastic, and even electronics used to manipulate the light. Although there were many materials used, the exhibit only featured two colors, black and white. The floors were mainly black with an arching white for contrast, there were piles of black and white clusters around the room, a large chandelier type decoration was hanging, and as mentioned before there was a manipulation of light that further added to the immersion into the art.

Content Analysis

When walking into the art exhibit you feel like you are entering another world. Since both of the artist mentioned that they liked doodling a lot there were three-dimensional doodles floating around the room in black and white. The artists mentioned that the original plan included many other colors but over time they narrowed down to only two, black and white. The whole exhibit makes you feel like you are in space.

Synthesis / My Experience

Overall this exhibit was one of the more surprising galleries this semester, what you would usually expect is a room with various pieces of art hanging around or in the center of the room; however, this gallery was surprising because the room itself was the art. I also found it funny that the material used for the white aspect of the room were toilet seat covers. At first when entering the room I was confused about where I was allowed to go but I guess it’s all off limits. Overall it was an enjoyable gallery and I hope to see more like this.


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This week for classmate conversation I paired up with Renette Tabadero. Renette is a second year nursing major here at CSULB. I actually recognized Renette from being in my introduction to theater class a couple of semesters ago but I never really got into a conversation with her until this class.

When we started talking our conversation shifted into if we had pets or not. It turns out that we have conflicting ideologies when it come to animals. Renette jest recently came into ownership of two young puppies. Whereas I’ve had a cat for over seven years. I mentioned that cats are so easy to take care of because they can take care of themselves and do whatever they want. Renette said that here puppies are so needy, but she loves them regardless. The conversation took another skew when one of our mutaul friends started talking about anime. Renette was a bit confused since she didn’t really watch anime so I gave a little explanation as to what it was.

Overall Renette is a really great and nice person who you should really get to know!

Find her blog here.

Wk6- Art Experience- Zines & Flip Books

For this weeks art activity I decide to make my zine book about my other homework assignment. I was kind of killing two birds with one stone type of deal. My zine is about physics. I filled it with a couple of simple problems that could be solved with the basic kinematics equations. It was like reviewing for me. I also decided to put a little twist on the zine, instead of using regular problems, why not make the word problems from ridiculous situations. Some were about Glenn throwing a stack of cards at you and another was how far could HARAMBE chuck his poop at you. It was fun creating a zine that incorporated a boring physics essence with a creative storytelling aura.

As for actually creating the zine book, it was quite difficult because I used a card stock paper, which is a paper that is thicker than white paper by a decent amount. So it was harder to fold and cut. I just used a stapler to bind the pages together.

Overall, this was a fun little project that let me kill two birds with one stone. Do my physics revew and do my art activity at the same time.


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