Wk6- Art Experience- Zines & Flip Books

For this weeks art activity I decide to make my zine book about my other homework assignment. I was kind of killing two birds with one stone type of deal. My zine is about physics. I filled it with a couple of simple problems that could be solved with the basic kinematics equations. It was like reviewing for me. I also decided to put a little twist on the zine, instead of using regular problems, why not make the word problems from ridiculous situations. Some were about Glenn throwing a stack of cards at you and another was how far could HARAMBE chuck his poop at you. It was fun creating a zine that incorporated a boring physics essence with a creative storytelling aura.

As for actually creating the zine book, it was quite difficult because I used a card stock paper, which is a paper that is thicker than white paper by a decent amount. So it was harder to fold and cut. I just used a stapler to bind the pages together.

Overall, this was a fun little project that let me kill two birds with one stone. Do my physics revew and do my art activity at the same time.


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