Wk6- Artist Conversation/Story- Carmina Correa & Vanessa Olivarez


*Meme Show*
**Carmina Correa & Vanessa Olivarez**
Watercolor on canvas with Color Penciled outline
22″ x 27″
CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

This is the only picture left I had from that era. It was a time of peace. Where there wasn’t a care in the world. That is, until that demon showed up. It all began three years ago, I was an intern at a lab where we successfully created the first portal into another galaxy. With this portal we were able to perform amazing feats. We could travel once impossible distances in a matter of seconds. One of the professors working on the portal finally decided to maximize the input to the portal where we could reach a galaxy seen from the Hubble space telescope. It was a planet in the Goldilocks zone. With conventional travel it was estimated to take a ship 12 billion years to reach. With this machine we did it in a matter of seconds. We were so preoccupied on whether we could, we never stopped and asked if we should. It was obvious that we shouldn’t have. What came out of the portal shocked us at first, it was so cute and fluffy, resembling a earth dog. Then it lunged and killed everybody in the room. Except me. After, he left only saying one phrase “pineapples belong on pizza”. After he left the portal shut down and melted into nacho cheese. This picture was pulled from the surveillance.


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