This weeks classmate conversation was Aaron Vito. As it turns out me an Aaron are now part of the same family in a club on campus Circle K. This came to me as a surprise and I found out this last week when I was reading my friends blog and he did his classmate conversation and Aaron. I thought his name was familiar and after a Facebook search I confirmed it.

Aaron is a second year Biomedical engineering major. In his free time he likes to run, he also enjoys dancing mostly urban and bboy. He also likes to watch anime and likes to sleep. Recently, a lot of his time has been put to PCN, which is the Pilipino Culture Night that is happening next month, he will be preforming in two suites the tinik and regional. I also mention that I’m in PCN too but just as hospitality. Another thing, Recently this week monday, Aaron was appointed in Circle K as Social Chair, CONGRATS AGAIN!

Overall, Aaron is a really cool dude that I look forward to hanging out with in our fam. You can find his blog here.


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