Wk8- Art Experience- Finger Painting

This week for our art activity we were tasked at finger painting. We were supposed to do an abstract painting, which was partially what I did.


This week in one of the shows I have been watching one of my favorite characters died protecting his family. Now I’ve been watching this show since it started airing over 2 years ago and I’ve always tuned in to watch the weeks episode. So I had to include one of the main symbols from the show, cause I’m like kinda depressed about it.

Image result for tekkadan

Posted below is one of the symbols from the show “Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans” and the symbols represents an blood-red Iron flower that will never wilt.

As for my actual painting itself, It was quite a struggle painting with your fingers because the retention rate of pain on fingers is really low so you either have to get paint on your finger in large amounts or keep dipping your finger in the paint.

I centered my painting around the iron flower and surrounded it with random colors that meshed well together. The rest of the painting was abstract, I really had no idea what I was doing so I went around in circles with random colors and it just happen.

Overall, painting with your fingers is a lot harder than painting with tools. Although I did enjoy this activity it was a bit on the messy side.


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