Wk9 – Art Experience- Graffiti Writing

Before I delve into my art experience on graffiti. I want to share an interesting graffiti spot in San Pedro I came across last week. In the city of San Pedro a short 20 minute drive from Long Beach there is a portion of the peninsula that has “sunk” into the ocean. The spot is incidentally called Sunken City. Sunken City is literally a portion of the city roads in the ocean and makes for a nice little hike. Since the concrete and roads have move. A lot of the flat surfaces in the area are perfect for graffiti. Over the years the place has been blooming with so many cool types of graffiti ranging from names to highly detailed art! Now the catch is you gotta do a bit of wall hopping to get there. First, you have to hope a wall near the ocean, then you have to crawl under a fence, and do a little hike to get to the main area. But overall, it was worth it because I got a nice view, and since I went with friend, one being an amazing photographer we got some awesome pictures!

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As for the actual art project, I decided to graffiti a large space piece of wood I found in my back yard. Using black and white spray paint I also found in my garage, I used the white paint to clean the background of my board. Since I have such a short and simple name I felt like I didn’t need to draw it out first, and it actually turned out well (besides one of the letters looking like a phallus). Since we were doing a bubble art type of thing, on the first ‘L’ of my name I tried to make a little crest to make it look bulging and it kinda worked. Overall, I found this activity really fun because it gave the an excuse to use the spray paint and I got a nice wooden banner of my name to hang somewhere, someday.

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