Wk12- Artist Conversation- Travis Lober

Artist: Travis Lober

Exhibition: WORK: It’s a four letter word

Media: Printmaking, wood, and tools

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Travis Lober is currently a student attending California State University, Long Beach. He is pursuing in a bachelors of fine arts in print making. Before pursuing print making Travis worked in the construction field which draws great inspiration for his current exhibit. He loves tools and machinery because it gives him the ability to build things. He also believes that construction is a form of art.

Formal Analysis

Travis mainly uses wooden boards and wooded frames to hold up his prints. The main focus of his art was construction and how tools could be implemented into construction. Travis uses few amounts of colors in his arts for the frames and in the actual prints they are very vivid using mostly cold colors.

Content Analysis

Travis’s main reason for this exhibit is to showcase his former field and the beauty of it. Tools reminisce with Travis because it reminds him of the atmosphere of a construction site.

Synthesis/ My Experience

The exhibit really reminded me of a warehouse because of all the wood and cold black and white colors. It had a home depot kind of feel too. I really liked the smell of the exhibit too because it smelled like wood shavings. Overall it was a really good exhibit.


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Wk12 – Art Experience- Ethnography

Hands down the hardest part of this art experience wasn’t no having electricity; but, the fact that the glory of electricity was so readily available.

Now I’ve been camping before, the real deal camping were you didn’t have service and one time our flashlights weren’t charged all the way so we ran out of artificial light half way through a 2 night camp. However, that didn’t bother us. We just used the light from the moon and the light from the fire, that was all we needed.

The thing that made this art experience so frustrating was the fact that I was home and the glory of electricity was so close. I was in my room when I decided to turn from electricity so I turned off everything in my room and shut the door. I tried to read a book via candle light but it strained my eyes. After an hour of just sitting there I decided to go to sleep at the early hour of 11 pm. I woke up Friday morning and checked my phone to make sure the world didn’t end.

When electricity is available, I’d prefer full immersion.

Wk11- Artist Conversation- Yujia Gu

Artist: Yujia Gu

Exhibition: Tracing

Media: Vinyl, multimedia, photography

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: yujiagu.squarespace.com

About the Artist

Yujia Gu is a student here at California State University, Long Beach. It is her last semester pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in print making. Hey professional goal is to pursuit a career in news and news papers. Initially Yujia was from Beijing, China where she earned her bachelors degree, but she moved her to attend CSULB. It is her third year in the US overall and she states that she has enjoyed every bit of her experience here. In her free time she likes to explore our small little city and enjoy nature in hikes. She enjoys the academic freedom here at long beach compared to chines structures.

Formal Analysis

Yujia makes a bold statement against gun violence in her exhibit. She highlights the effects of gun violence and shootings in the US particularly noting the mass shootings at public places. Of her art pierces there are wall arts that show the statistics due to gun violence. There is a map listing recent mass shooting. There is a memorial wall with victims. There were also TVs for additional effect. The main colors used were black and white; however, it seemed like the color red was used sparely to make a point.

Content Analysis

The main source of inspiration for this exhibit stems from Yujia’s mother. Her mothers own concerns for her daughter was the source of this. Because of a very tight close nit relationship between the two Yujia constantly contacts her mother on a daily basis. The reason being is that there has been a rise in gun violence against international students and student recently. The main point of this gallery was to rise awareness on gun violence and bring notice to the paradox where more people are buying guns to protect themselves from these incidents, but also more incidents stem from buying guns.

Synthesis/ My Experience

A very morbid but important gallery this week. I’ve been very under informed when it come to news recently and when I started using twitter again following some news sources I’ve just begun to notice the trends in shootings. It is almost everyday that there is an incident in the US and many in our state. It is good that someone is attempting to bring this issue to the masses.


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This week was a three-peat with Bernadette and Renette which rhymes. What I noticed between the two is that they’re both nursing majors and have the same Anatomy class. Bernadette wants to go into pediatrics, whereas Renette  wants to go into emergency medicine. I also found out that Bernadette works at Cafe 86 in Artesia which I’ve heard of but have never been. Renette also words but I didn’t get where since we began working on our cards; however, I did get to talk to her about her two very needy puppy dogs, which I still insist that cats are better because they are low maintenance an basically take care of themselves.

When we started working on our attendance cards, we all did our artist conversation on the gun violence exhibit and with the recent San Bernadino shooting we all felt that it was appropriate to base our cards on it. We drew about the shootings in U.S, which represented the ongoing talk and conversations about gun violence but not actions from the government.


You can find these awsome possums at there website HERE (Bernadette) and HERE (Renette)

Wk 10 – Artist Conversation- Clare Samani

Artist: Clare Samani

Exhibition: Dressed
Media: Printmaking, clothes
Gallery: School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: clares_printing

About the Artist

Clare Samani is on her senior year at California State University Long Beach. She is pursuing her degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking. After her she graduates from CSULB she wants to press onto graduate school at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Clare states that her interest in art began in her childhood years where she would always be drawing, which was pretty much her hobbies.

Formal Analysis

Clare’s exhibition featured mainly paintings and images of dresses flowing. It displayed a contrast between the background and the dress, often contrasting each other. The backgrounds were mainly dark, whereas the dresses had different patterns on them having polka dot pattern, zig zag pattern, and more complex pasterns.

Content Analysis

One of the main inspirations from one of Clare’s paintings was the White dress shirt. The story behind it is that it was a shirt she found lying on campus. Most of Clare’s paintings share a similar story as she is infatuated with fashion. She finds inspiration from others in person, such as friends or random people.

Synthesis / My Experience

I chose this exhibit not because I was personally interested in dresses. But because it’s something I really don’t put any thought into. This relates because in a few days I’m going to this banquet and I have to dress up and I recently got blasted by my girlfriends because she was talking to me about what dress she should wear and I really didn’t care since they all look the same to me. But overall, the exhibit was really interesting.

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Wk 10 – Art Experience – The Wedge

If you’ve ever been in a rush to get to class and you want to take the escalator to upper campus by passing the USU then you’ve probably tried to shave some time off your commute by passing through the wedge. The wedge here at CSULB is kind of like an insider among us students because it not really something people think about but we objectivity preform.

I sat around the wedge for 10 minutes during the morning rush with my breakfast and coffee beside me and just watched people pass by like a creep. What I noticed is that during the morning rush, it’s actually slower to take the wedge. This is because when there is a lot of traffic and its such a narrow passage, it backs up when there is two way traffic.

When thinking of a way to make the Wedge “better” or improve it, I thought oh just make the wedge big enough for two way traffic. Then I thought moving the wall was too much of a hassle and was unrealistic. So then I thought “why not just put a pole in the middle”.

Putting a pole in the middle would halt the traffic of students going through thus preventing clogging up the wedge and slowing people down. If students just walk around then there would be no unnecessary time loss.

17858313_1447335635318166_117470446_o (1)

In my drawings I thought that putting just a pole would be really boring, so I upgraded it. The pole in my drawing would have an LED update board that would have some useful information.

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