Wk 10 – Art Experience – The Wedge

If you’ve ever been in a rush to get to class and you want to take the escalator to upper campus by passing the USU then you’ve probably tried to shave some time off your commute by passing through the wedge. The wedge here at CSULB is kind of like an insider among us students because it not really something people think about but we objectivity preform.

I sat around the wedge for 10 minutes during the morning rush with my breakfast and coffee beside me and just watched people pass by like a creep. What I noticed is that during the morning rush, it’s actually slower to take the wedge. This is because when there is a lot of traffic and its such a narrow passage, it backs up when there is two way traffic.

When thinking of a way to make the Wedge “better” or improve it, I thought oh just make the wedge big enough for two way traffic. Then I thought moving the wall was too much of a hassle and was unrealistic. So then I thought “why not just put a pole in the middle”.

Putting a pole in the middle would halt the traffic of students going through thus preventing clogging up the wedge and slowing people down. If students just walk around then there would be no unnecessary time loss.

17858313_1447335635318166_117470446_o (1)

In my drawings I thought that putting just a pole would be really boring, so I upgraded it. The pole in my drawing would have an LED update board that would have some useful information.

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