This week was a three-peat with Bernadette and Renette which rhymes. What I noticed between the two is that they’re both nursing majors and have the same Anatomy class. Bernadette wants to go into pediatrics, whereas Renette  wants to go into emergency medicine. I also found out that Bernadette works at Cafe 86 in Artesia which I’ve heard of but have never been. Renette also words but I didn’t get where since we began working on our cards; however, I did get to talk to her about her two very needy puppy dogs, which I still insist that cats are better because they are low maintenance an basically take care of themselves.

When we started working on our attendance cards, we all did our artist conversation on the gun violence exhibit and with the recent San Bernadino shooting we all felt that it was appropriate to base our cards on it. We drew about the shootings in U.S, which represented the ongoing talk and conversations about gun violence but not actions from the government.


You can find these awsome possums at there website HERE (Bernadette) and HERE (Renette)


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