Wk12 – Art Experience- Ethnography

Hands down the hardest part of this art experience wasn’t no having electricity; but, the fact that the glory of electricity was so readily available.

Now I’ve been camping before, the real deal camping were you didn’t have service and one time our flashlights weren’t charged all the way so we ran out of artificial light half way through a 2 night camp. However, that didn’t bother us. We just used the light from the moon and the light from the fire, that was all we needed.

The thing that made this art experience so frustrating was the fact that I was home and the glory of electricity was so close. I was in my room when I decided to turn from electricity so I turned off everything in my room and shut the door. I tried to read a book via candle light but it strained my eyes. After an hour of just sitting there I decided to go to sleep at the early hour of 11 pm. I woke up Friday morning and checked my phone to make sure the world didn’t end.

When electricity is available, I’d prefer full immersion.


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