Wk 15- Art Experience- Design Thinking Applied to Life

Let me just get a little satirical vent in here because it just feels so right due to it being mothers day and talking about future mes’.

Recently, I watched this hilarious comedian called “Jo koy” this guy is hands down hilarious because mostly what he talks about is true. Now in his monologue he talks about your dream not being yours, but your mothers who has predetermined what you want even before you were born. For the most part it’s true. Now for the longest I’ve been thinking is this what I’m striving for really what I want. Then I got my hands dirty and got a taste a an EMT, and oh god I was hooked. I still got backups though.


On to what I’m really supposed to talk about.

  1. What I think I’m doing right now is being on track to become a PA (Physicians Assistant). Currently I’m trying to fulfilling the perquisites at CSULB to become a PA. I’ve also got a certification as an Emergency medical technician to work and fulfill the 3000 hour minimum requirement to apply for PA school. To do that after I get my degree I’ll take a gap year or two to rack up more hours and retake some classes to make myself an academically stronger applicant. I’ll also plan to take some time to travel around the world for myself and also to make myself look like a citizen of the world. After I get into PA school I’ll be in it for two years then graduate and hopefully work as a PA with a concentration in emergency room medicine because I’m an EMT as well. If all goes well I’ll transition from full time PA to classroom PA and teach.
  2. If what I wanted to do dissipated out of no where and people didn’t get sick or injured anymore. Then I would probably work in a lab with my bachelors degree in biology just like my mom before me. All I would need is a bachelors degree and hopefully a lab company hires me and I’d just do that. Why not it seems really fun.
  3. If I had loads of money hidden somewhere and I found it and wouldn’t have to worry about money for the rest of my life. What would I be? I don’t know if this counts but essentially I’d live the life of a retired person because this is essentially what be financially secure means. I’d probably start the morning with a job or some light exorcise like tennis or golf. Have sine mimosa for brunch. Sail that yacht and go fishing. Then finish the day with relaxation. But truthfully if I had the ability to not worry about myself then I would choose to worry about others, I would start a charity or a NPO non profit organization in helping others. Overall, if I was financially stable and wouldn’t have to worry about myself then I would worry about others.

Wk 15- Class Evaluation


Wow wow wow, what a ride it has been. This definitely wasn’t the class I though I signed up for! That’s a good thing! Overall, I really enjoyed this class mainly because I found it to be a good break from the usual types of classes I’m so used to. It’s was great to get all theses creative juices flowing out of me, it was sort of a stress reliever to me. Albeit, it was a bit tedious at time but all the more worth it.

Some of the things I enjoyed the most in this class was the art experiences. My number one art experience in this class was the Plastering activity we did in the very first week of the class. You really set a strong impression we you assigned this amazing activity as a prelude to the rest of the class. My second, was the drawing in the Japanese garden because it was nice to enjoy the outside and just draw, plus I’ve always found that place pretty relaxing. Lastly, the corpse project was one of the more morbid ones but really got you thinking.

I didn’t really not enjoy any projects in this class but if I were to choose the ones I liked least they would be ethnography, zine & flip books, and the fingerprinting. Ethnography was simply to unrealistic to do during the semester because each night is a constant battle between me and my computer to finish homework or whatever it may be. Zines were just not my type of project. Fingerprinting was a very messy ordeal that, due to my clumsiness, I spilled paint on my floor.

When it comes to the platforms we used: WordPress is a hard yes. WordPress allowed us to blog and express ourselves. Slack is a mild no because I didn’t really enjoy using it, not a fan of scrolling.

Overall, Glenn, this is one hell of a class that I would 10/10 recommend for others to take. Keep doing what you’re doing!


This weeks classmate conversation I got to talk to Colene Encarnado. We’ve actually met before because we have some mutual friends inside and outside of the class. Initially, Colene said she got into CSULB as a nursing major but felt like it really wasn’t her calling because she applied for nursing as her parents wished it; however, she confronted her parents about this and after a debate they were convinced and she switched to psychology. When she told me that I was really shocked because I’ve been thinking about switching majors too but I’m deathly afraid of confronting my parents about it and its probably too late for me, props to her! Colene also talked about going to a cat cafe a couple of weeks ago, since I love cats, to her recommendation I will be making reservations to the cafe soon!

Colene is a really cool person and is really naturally talented in art and you should really check out her blog for some amazing things!

Find her blog here!

Wk14- Art Experience- Sketching in the Garden

This week we had the opportunity to head on down to Long Beach States beautiful Japanese Garden. During my freshman year I used to spend a lot of time in the Japanese Garden because it had amazing scenery and it was a quiet place to study (back when I had motivation to study). However, since then I really haven’t had any time to go back and admire the garden. It’s great that we had some class time set aside to go to the garden and admire the scenery.

When tasked at drawing portions of the Garden I wasn’t very enthusiastic because of my very low art abilities; however, what I noticed that between the initial short 30 second sketch and one of the more longer sketches there was more detail.

Overall it was great being able to go back to the garden after a long break and it reminded me how beautiful in particular some areas of CSULB are!


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This week for classmate conversation I got to meet with Shannon Jenich. Shannon and I have some mutual friends in the class that introduced us in the flurry of finding someone to talk to for classmates conversation. So first off Shannon is a Human Development major and is in her second year but she did mention that she was thinking about switching to Nursing. When I asked her what she like to do in her free time she told me that she likes to play tennis and played tennis in high school. I found that really cool because I played tennis in high school too and play recreational and she is probably the third person in this class that plays tennis which is also pretty cool. We also talked about how superior cats are to dogs because they just are! Overall I had a great time talking to Shannon, she’s an awesome person!

Find her blog here!

Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Carmina Correa

Artist: Carmina Correa

Exhibition: C12H22O11

Media: Sugar, Molds

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

About the artist

Carmina Correa is a student at California State University, Long Beach an she is a senior in the sculpture program. The primary goal for Carmen’s exhibit is to bring attention to the growing epidemic in the United states, which is Diabetes. Specifically for this exhibit it showcases the characteristics of type 2 diabetes.

Formal analysis

The artist Carmina primarily used real sugar for all her works of art in the gallery. Each lollipop had a glucose level strip which is routinely used by individuals with diabetes to check their glucose levels in their blood. Around the walls there were lollipops lined up about a foot from each other each with a strip inside. In the middle of the exhibit there was a green sugar rock and a black mold. In the corners were ramen packets made of sugar.

Content analysis

To the artist Carmina the making of this project was a type of therapy. Due to her diabetes she is limited to eating and monitoring the amount of sugar in her body. Because of this she tried to used substantial amounts of sugar in the exhibit, and also due to the fact that it is a cheap material.

My experience

This exhibit was one on the more coolers ones because of what the pieces of art in the middle were actually made of. At the same time it is also informative because I used to be at risk to diabetes because of family. I found it really funny how there was a line of ants marching from one of the corners of the room to the center sugar piece.

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