Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Carmina Correa

Artist: Carmina Correa

Exhibition: C12H22O11

Media: Sugar, Molds

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

About the artist

Carmina Correa is a student at California State University, Long Beach an she is a senior in the sculpture program. The primary goal for Carmen’s exhibit is to bring attention to the growing epidemic in the United states, which is Diabetes. Specifically for this exhibit it showcases the characteristics of type 2 diabetes.

Formal analysis

The artist Carmina primarily used real sugar for all her works of art in the gallery. Each lollipop had a glucose level strip which is routinely used by individuals with diabetes to check their glucose levels in their blood. Around the walls there were lollipops lined up about a foot from each other each with a strip inside. In the middle of the exhibit there was a green sugar rock and a black mold. In the corners were ramen packets made of sugar.

Content analysis

To the artist Carmina the making of this project was a type of therapy. Due to her diabetes she is limited to eating and monitoring the amount of sugar in her body. Because of this she tried to used substantial amounts of sugar in the exhibit, and also due to the fact that it is a cheap material.

My experience

This exhibit was one on the more coolers ones because of what the pieces of art in the middle were actually made of. At the same time it is also informative because I used to be at risk to diabetes because of family. I found it really funny how there was a line of ants marching from one of the corners of the room to the center sugar piece.

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