Wk 15- Art Experience- Design Thinking Applied to Life

Let me just get a little satirical vent in here because it just feels so right due to it being mothers day and talking about future mes’.

Recently, I watched this hilarious comedian called “Jo koy” this guy is hands down hilarious because mostly what he talks about is true. Now in his monologue he talks about your dream not being yours, but your mothers who has predetermined what you want even before you were born. For the most part it’s true. Now for the longest I’ve been thinking is this what I’m striving for really what I want. Then I got my hands dirty and got a taste a an EMT, and oh god I was hooked. I still got backups though.


On to what I’m really supposed to talk about.

  1. What I think I’m doing right now is being on track to become a PA (Physicians Assistant). Currently I’m trying to fulfilling the perquisites at CSULB to become a PA. I’ve also got a certification as an Emergency medical technician to work and fulfill the 3000 hour minimum requirement to apply for PA school. To do that after I get my degree I’ll take a gap year or two to rack up more hours and retake some classes to make myself an academically stronger applicant. I’ll also plan to take some time to travel around the world for myself and also to make myself look like a citizen of the world. After I get into PA school I’ll be in it for two years then graduate and hopefully work as a PA with a concentration in emergency room medicine because I’m an EMT as well. If all goes well I’ll transition from full time PA to classroom PA and teach.
  2. If what I wanted to do dissipated out of no where and people didn’t get sick or injured anymore. Then I would probably work in a lab with my bachelors degree in biology just like my mom before me. All I would need is a bachelors degree and hopefully a lab company hires me and I’d just do that. Why not it seems really fun.
  3. If I had loads of money hidden somewhere and I found it and wouldn’t have to worry about money for the rest of my life. What would I be? I don’t know if this counts but essentially I’d live the life of a retired person because this is essentially what be financially secure means. I’d probably start the morning with a job or some light exorcise like tennis or golf. Have sine mimosa for brunch. Sail that yacht and go fishing. Then finish the day with relaxation. But truthfully if I had the ability to not worry about myself then I would choose to worry about others, I would start a charity or a NPO non profit organization in helping others. Overall, if I was financially stable and wouldn’t have to worry about myself then I would worry about others.

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