Wk 15- Art Experience- Design Thinking Applied to Life

Let me just get a little satirical vent in here because it just feels so right due to it being mothers day and talking about future mes’.

Recently, I watched this hilarious comedian called “Jo koy” this guy is hands down hilarious because mostly what he talks about is true. Now in his monologue he talks about your dream not being yours, but your mothers who has predetermined what you want even before you were born. For the most part it’s true. Now for the longest I’ve been thinking is this what I’m striving for really what I want. Then I got my hands dirty and got a taste a an EMT, and oh god I was hooked. I still got backups though.


On to what I’m really supposed to talk about.

  1. What I think I’m doing right now is being on track to become a PA (Physicians Assistant). Currently I’m trying to fulfilling the perquisites at CSULB to become a PA. I’ve also got a certification as an Emergency medical technician to work and fulfill the 3000 hour minimum requirement to apply for PA school. To do that after I get my degree I’ll take a gap year or two to rack up more hours and retake some classes to make myself an academically stronger applicant. I’ll also plan to take some time to travel around the world for myself and also to make myself look like a citizen of the world. After I get into PA school I’ll be in it for two years then graduate and hopefully work as a PA with a concentration in emergency room medicine because I’m an EMT as well. If all goes well I’ll transition from full time PA to classroom PA and teach.
  2. If what I wanted to do dissipated out of no where and people didn’t get sick or injured anymore. Then I would probably work in a lab with my bachelors degree in biology just like my mom before me. All I would need is a bachelors degree and hopefully a lab company hires me and I’d just do that. Why not it seems really fun.
  3. If I had loads of money hidden somewhere and I found it and wouldn’t have to worry about money for the rest of my life. What would I be? I don’t know if this counts but essentially I’d live the life of a retired person because this is essentially what be financially secure means. I’d probably start the morning with a job or some light exorcise like tennis or golf. Have sine mimosa for brunch. Sail that yacht and go fishing. Then finish the day with relaxation. But truthfully if I had the ability to not worry about myself then I would choose to worry about others, I would start a charity or a NPO non profit organization in helping others. Overall, if I was financially stable and wouldn’t have to worry about myself then I would worry about others.

Wk14- Art Experience- Sketching in the Garden

This week we had the opportunity to head on down to Long Beach States beautiful Japanese Garden. During my freshman year I used to spend a lot of time in the Japanese Garden because it had amazing scenery and it was a quiet place to study (back when I had motivation to study). However, since then I really haven’t had any time to go back and admire the garden. It’s great that we had some class time set aside to go to the garden and admire the scenery.

When tasked at drawing portions of the Garden I wasn’t very enthusiastic because of my very low art abilities; however, what I noticed that between the initial short 30 second sketch and one of the more longer sketches there was more detail.

Overall it was great being able to go back to the garden after a long break and it reminded me how beautiful in particular some areas of CSULB are!


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Wk12 – Art Experience- Ethnography

Hands down the hardest part of this art experience wasn’t no having electricity; but, the fact that the glory of electricity was so readily available.

Now I’ve been camping before, the real deal camping were you didn’t have service and one time our flashlights weren’t charged all the way so we ran out of artificial light half way through a 2 night camp. However, that didn’t bother us. We just used the light from the moon and the light from the fire, that was all we needed.

The thing that made this art experience so frustrating was the fact that I was home and the glory of electricity was so close. I was in my room when I decided to turn from electricity so I turned off everything in my room and shut the door. I tried to read a book via candle light but it strained my eyes. After an hour of just sitting there I decided to go to sleep at the early hour of 11 pm. I woke up Friday morning and checked my phone to make sure the world didn’t end.

When electricity is available, I’d prefer full immersion.

Wk 10 – Art Experience – The Wedge

If you’ve ever been in a rush to get to class and you want to take the escalator to upper campus by passing the USU then you’ve probably tried to shave some time off your commute by passing through the wedge. The wedge here at CSULB is kind of like an insider among us students because it not really something people think about but we objectivity preform.

I sat around the wedge for 10 minutes during the morning rush with my breakfast and coffee beside me and just watched people pass by like a creep. What I noticed is that during the morning rush, it’s actually slower to take the wedge. This is because when there is a lot of traffic and its such a narrow passage, it backs up when there is two way traffic.

When thinking of a way to make the Wedge “better” or improve it, I thought oh just make the wedge big enough for two way traffic. Then I thought moving the wall was too much of a hassle and was unrealistic. So then I thought “why not just put a pole in the middle”.

Putting a pole in the middle would halt the traffic of students going through thus preventing clogging up the wedge and slowing people down. If students just walk around then there would be no unnecessary time loss.

17858313_1447335635318166_117470446_o (1)

In my drawings I thought that putting just a pole would be really boring, so I upgraded it. The pole in my drawing would have an LED update board that would have some useful information.

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Wk9 – Art Experience- Graffiti Writing

Before I delve into my art experience on graffiti. I want to share an interesting graffiti spot in San Pedro I came across last week. In the city of San Pedro a short 20 minute drive from Long Beach there is a portion of the peninsula that has “sunk” into the ocean. The spot is incidentally called Sunken City. Sunken City is literally a portion of the city roads in the ocean and makes for a nice little hike. Since the concrete and roads have move. A lot of the flat surfaces in the area are perfect for graffiti. Over the years the place has been blooming with so many cool types of graffiti ranging from names to highly detailed art! Now the catch is you gotta do a bit of wall hopping to get there. First, you have to hope a wall near the ocean, then you have to crawl under a fence, and do a little hike to get to the main area. But overall, it was worth it because I got a nice view, and since I went with friend, one being an amazing photographer we got some awesome pictures!

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As for the actual art project, I decided to graffiti a large space piece of wood I found in my back yard. Using black and white spray paint I also found in my garage, I used the white paint to clean the background of my board. Since I have such a short and simple name I felt like I didn’t need to draw it out first, and it actually turned out well (besides one of the letters looking like a phallus). Since we were doing a bubble art type of thing, on the first ‘L’ of my name I tried to make a little crest to make it look bulging and it kinda worked. Overall, I found this activity really fun because it gave the an excuse to use the spray paint and I got a nice wooden banner of my name to hang somewhere, someday.

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Wk8- Art Experience- Finger Painting

This week for our art activity we were tasked at finger painting. We were supposed to do an abstract painting, which was partially what I did.


This week in one of the shows I have been watching one of my favorite characters died protecting his family. Now I’ve been watching this show since it started airing over 2 years ago and I’ve always tuned in to watch the weeks episode. So I had to include one of the main symbols from the show, cause I’m like kinda depressed about it.

Image result for tekkadan

Posted below is one of the symbols from the show “Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans” and the symbols represents an blood-red Iron flower that will never wilt.

As for my actual painting itself, It was quite a struggle painting with your fingers because the retention rate of pain on fingers is really low so you either have to get paint on your finger in large amounts or keep dipping your finger in the paint.

I centered my painting around the iron flower and surrounded it with random colors that meshed well together. The rest of the painting was abstract, I really had no idea what I was doing so I went around in circles with random colors and it just happen.

Overall, painting with your fingers is a lot harder than painting with tools. Although I did enjoy this activity it was a bit on the messy side.

Wk6- Art Experience- Zines & Flip Books

For this weeks art activity I decide to make my zine book about my other homework assignment. I was kind of killing two birds with one stone type of deal. My zine is about physics. I filled it with a couple of simple problems that could be solved with the basic kinematics equations. It was like reviewing for me. I also decided to put a little twist on the zine, instead of using regular problems, why not make the word problems from ridiculous situations. Some were about Glenn throwing a stack of cards at you and another was how far could HARAMBE chuck his poop at you. It was fun creating a zine that incorporated a boring physics essence with a creative storytelling aura.

As for actually creating the zine book, it was quite difficult because I used a card stock paper, which is a paper that is thicker than white paper by a decent amount. So it was harder to fold and cut. I just used a stapler to bind the pages together.

Overall, this was a fun little project that let me kill two birds with one stone. Do my physics revew and do my art activity at the same time.


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