Wk 15- Class Evaluation


Wow wow wow, what a ride it has been. This definitely wasn’t the class I though I signed up for! That’s a good thing! Overall, I really enjoyed this class mainly because I found it to be a good break from the usual types of classes I’m so used to. It’s was great to get all theses creative juices flowing out of me, it was sort of a stress reliever to me. Albeit, it was a bit tedious at time but all the more worth it.

Some of the things I enjoyed the most in this class was the art experiences. My number one art experience in this class was the Plastering activity we did in the very first week of the class. You really set a strong impression we you assigned this amazing activity as a prelude to the rest of the class. My second, was the drawing in the Japanese garden because it was nice to enjoy the outside and just draw, plus I’ve always found that place pretty relaxing. Lastly, the corpse project was one of the more morbid ones but really got you thinking.

I didn’t really not enjoy any projects in this class but if I were to choose the ones I liked least they would be ethnography, zine & flip books, and the fingerprinting. Ethnography was simply to unrealistic to do during the semester because each night is a constant battle between me and my computer to finish homework or whatever it may be. Zines were just not my type of project. Fingerprinting was a very messy ordeal that, due to my clumsiness, I spilled paint on my floor.

When it comes to the platforms we used: WordPress is a hard yes. WordPress allowed us to blog and express ourselves. Slack is a mild no because I didn’t really enjoy using it, not a fan of scrolling.

Overall, Glenn, this is one hell of a class that I would 10/10 recommend for others to take. Keep doing what you’re doing!