This weeks classmate conversation I got to talk to Colene Encarnado. We’ve actually met before because we have some mutual friends inside and outside of the class. Initially, Colene said she got into CSULB as a nursing major but felt like it really wasn’t her calling because she applied for nursing as her parents wished it; however, she confronted her parents about this and after a debate they were convinced and she switched to psychology. When she told me that I was really shocked because I’ve been thinking about switching majors too but I’m deathly afraid of confronting my parents about it and its probably too late for me, props to her! Colene also talked about going to a cat cafe a couple of weeks ago, since I love cats, to her recommendation I will be making reservations to the cafe soon!

Colene is a really cool person and is really naturally talented in art and you should really check out her blog for some amazing things!

Find her blog here!



This week for classmate conversation I got to meet with Shannon Jenich. Shannon and I have some mutual friends in the class that introduced us in the flurry of finding someone to talk to for classmates conversation. So first off Shannon is a Human Development major and is in her second year but she did mention that she was thinking about switching to Nursing. When I asked her what she like to do in her free time she told me that she likes to play tennis and played tennis in high school. I found that really cool because I played tennis in high school too and play recreational and she is probably the third person in this class that plays tennis which is also pretty cool. We also talked about how superior cats are to dogs because they just are! Overall I had a great time talking to Shannon, she’s an awesome person!

Find her blog here!


This week was a three-peat with Bernadette and Renette which rhymes. What I noticed between the two is that they’re both nursing majors and have the same Anatomy class. Bernadette wants to go into pediatrics, whereas Renette  wants to go into emergency medicine. I also found out that Bernadette works at Cafe 86 in Artesia which I’ve heard of but have never been. Renette also words but I didn’t get where since we began working on our cards; however, I did get to talk to her about her two very needy puppy dogs, which I still insist that cats are better because they are low maintenance an basically take care of themselves.

When we started working on our attendance cards, we all did our artist conversation on the gun violence exhibit and with the recent San Bernadino shooting we all felt that it was appropriate to base our cards on it. We drew about the shootings in U.S, which represented the ongoing talk and conversations about gun violence but not actions from the government.


You can find these awsome possums at there website HERE (Bernadette) and HERE (Renette)


This weeks classmate conversation was Aaron Vito. As it turns out me an Aaron are now part of the same family in a club on campus Circle K. This came to me as a surprise and I found out this last week when I was reading my friends blog and he did his classmate conversation and Aaron. I thought his name was familiar and after a Facebook search I confirmed it.

Aaron is a second year Biomedical engineering major. In his free time he likes to run, he also enjoys dancing mostly urban and bboy. He also likes to watch anime and likes to sleep. Recently, a lot of his time has been put to PCN, which is the Pilipino Culture Night that is happening next month, he will be preforming in two suites the tinik and regional. I also mention that I’m in PCN too but just as hospitality. Another thing, Recently this week monday, Aaron was appointed in Circle K as Social Chair, CONGRATS AGAIN!

Overall, Aaron is a really cool dude that I look forward to hanging out with in our fam. You can find his blog here.


This week for classmate conversation I paired up with Renette Tabadero. Renette is a second year nursing major here at CSULB. I actually recognized Renette from being in my introduction to theater class a couple of semesters ago but I never really got into a conversation with her until this class.

When we started talking our conversation shifted into if we had pets or not. It turns out that we have conflicting ideologies when it come to animals. Renette jest recently came into ownership of two young puppies. Whereas I’ve had a cat for over seven years. I mentioned that cats are so easy to take care of because they can take care of themselves and do whatever they want. Renette said that here puppies are so needy, but she loves them regardless. The conversation took another skew when one of our mutaul friends started talking about anime. Renette was a bit confused since she didn’t really watch anime so I gave a little explanation as to what it was.

Overall Renette is a really great and nice person who you should really get to know!

Find her blog here.

Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Bernadette Villena

Hey all! This week for our classmates conversation I got to know Bernadette Villena. Me being a self-proclaimed anti-socialite didn’t know who to talk to since it looked like everyone already had a partner in my group of friends. Thank god another friend of mine introduced us, otherwise I might not have done this weeks assignment. Kidding.

First things first, as being a college student the number one thing you have to ask another college student when meeting for the first time is year and major. I turns out that Bernadette is a nursing major and is in her second year in the program. We talked about the classes we were taking this semester and she mentioned she was taking anatomy this semester. Knowing other peoples experiences with the class I asked her how her semester was so far and she said that its surprising that its already the third week.

While our conversation was cut short because we were walking through the art gallery and because the artist began to talk and we wanted to take notes and ask questions for our other assignment.

After we finished listening to the artist we walked back into the gallery to take our picture Mimi Haddon’s name.  Towards the end of our conversation I found out that Bernadette played tennis and was part of  Mayfair High School’s tennis team where she played a mix of doubles and singles, she must of been that great! But she was also the manager for the boys team too! After that it was time to return to the classroom.

I’m glad I got to meet Bernadette and make a new friend, hopefully we run into each other on the courts sometime.

Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Derek Chow

The person I talked to for this week’s classmate conversation was Derek Chow. Immediately  recognized that Derek was in one of my easier classes, Chemistry. The conversation started with how we both did on the first exam and how it our scores were lower than what we wanted. Inevitably, we began talking about what every college student brings up when talking to another student, “What are you majoring in?” Derek is majoring in Kinesiology, which is really admirable and makes me a bit jealous because that the major I originally wanted to be in. I talked about how when I applied to college, my major was Biology, where I was expecting the human body types of things. Well I sure was wrong but it too late to change as I am far off into my college career already, either that or I’m too lazy. I also asked Derek on the monumental class that all kinesiology major take and complain about, which was anatomy. He said he took it last semester and got an A because it was one of the only classes he took. After, we talked about what we wanted to be when in the future. Derek said that since he was in Kinesiology his overall goal was to be a physical therapist. I replied with “that’s cool, my cousins one, he hated it” and we both chuckled. Towards the end of the conversation/class we forgot to check the website for the question of the week, surprisingly we already covered on, then we say the next one was what the color red remained us of. Derek responded with “Blood, cause  don’t like that stuff”

Overall Derek is a cool guy and I look forward to suffering together in chemistry together.  If you see Derek around I encourage you to befriend him.

Check out his blog here.